Rethinking Work Beyond the Factory

Presentation about what software developers teach us about the future of collaboration

Originally given at Almost Perfect in Tokyo on 3 Feb 2024.

The focus of the talk is on the significant shifts that modern-day work practices are undergoing. It highlights emerging trends in software engineering that indicate the future of knowledge work: smaller and remote teams, less structured workweeks, and written asynchronous collaboration. Philip also addresses new issues arising from these changes such as loneliness, isolation, and disengagement with low-quality leisure activities. Additionally, the talk examines the efficient use of open-source software tools like GitHub and Bitcoin, and companies like Airbnb that successfully implement structured centralized decision-making. 

00:00 Introduction to the Creative Residence in Tokyo
00:34 Exploring the Concept of Gallery Presentation
00:49 The Influence of Craftspeople 
01:27 The Evolution of Work and Technology
02:11 The Shift to Information Age and the New Scarcity
02:40 The Impact of Industrialization on Work
03:06 The Role of Technology in Changing the Nature of Work
03:22 The Struggles of Adapting to the Information Age
04:12 The Restoration of Craft and Autonomy in Software Development
04:30 About Philip
06:43 Exploring the Trends in Software Development
06:56 The Rise of Smaller Remote Companies
08:33 The Impact of Remote Work on Economies and Governments
09:47 The Efficiency and Impact of Small Teams in Software Development
13:56 The Emergence of Fractional Work
17:46 The Shift to Written Asynchronous Collaboration
19:24 The Role of Open Source Tools in Collaboration
21:53 The Future of Work and Communication
24:53 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Rethinking Work Beyond the Factory
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